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Five Fall Lawncare Tips You Need to Be Following, Today

Can you believe it’s already November? Lucky for those of us here in Bettendorf and the Quad Cities, we’ve been fortunate to have some beautiful fall days before the snow gets here. And although fall may not seem like an ideal time to think about lawn care, considering your grass will go dormant for the winter, now’s actually a great time to prepare your lawn for beautiful growth next spring by following our essential fall yard cleanup checklist!

The right preparation now will save you time and energy when spring rolls around.

However, if you’re not confident doing fall yard cleanup by yourself, our lawn care professionals at Superior Services are more than eager to assist. Our skilled team is experienced in working on lawns and landscapes of all kinds. Whether its your front yard, back yard or commercial property, we’re up for the job!

Here’s five fall cleanup musts to do this year to prepare your lawn for healthy growth come spring 2023.

1. Clean Out Debris

Fallen leaves and weeds create the perfect place for pests to hide in during the winter. It’s important to make sure that all flower beds and landscape beds are cleaned out during the fall to keep the critters from nestling in and hiding for the winter.

2. Clean Out Gutters

Not all fall cleanup is in the yard. Fall cleanup also includes cleaning out your gutters! Now is the perfect time to clear leaves and other debris from rain gutters.

3. Rake Leaves

Raking is a staple when thinking about fall yard cleanup. Don’t let fallen leaves lay on your lawn causing your grass to die. Instead, rake leaves up or bag them up. Not only will this leave your yard looking clean, but it will also make yard work that much easier when spring comes back around.

4. Prune Trees and Shrubs

You’ll want to make sure that any dead tree branches are cut back, and bushes are trimmed up as part of your fall clean up routine.

5. Consider Lawn Aeration

During the summer months, your lawn can suffer from heat stress, which can cause thin and browning grass. Aeration is the process of removing soil plugs from a yard in order to free up passageways for nutrients to reach the grassroots. If you take the time to aerate in the fall, it will help set your lawn up for success in the spring.

Ready to get your fall yard cleanup underway? Call our lawncare pros at Superior Services today to schedule your yard’s seasonal cleanup appointment! And to learn more about Superior Service’s other capabilities and solutions for janitorial, renovations, snow removal, tree services, and more, visit our website.

Call now: (563) 888-5079

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