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Snow Plowing

We catch your drift. Snow removal, is hard. Let Superior Services take care of all things snow plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, ice control and more.  

Snow Removal Services

Snow and Ice Removal Services For Bettendorf and The Quad Cities Area. We Wipeout Winter. 

During the winter months, snow, sleet, slush, and ice are pretty much a guarantee for those of us in Bettendorf, and the rest of the Quad Cities area. 


Some home and business owners choose to handle the chore of snow and ice removal themselves, either by snowplowing or snow blowing and some even choose to shovel their driveways by hand.


Nevertheless, it's still a task that none of us love to do. This winter, let Superior Services be your winter weather snow removal hero. 

Superior Services provides snow removal services in Bettendorf and the Quad Cities, including: 

  • Snow plowing  

  • Snow blowing 

  • Shoveling 

  • Salt treatment  

  • Pretreatment for ice control 

Don't wait! Get fast snow removal service today by calling the pros at Superior Services. We're your local, licensed and insured snow removal experts near you! 

Areas of Expertise

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Snow Plowing

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Snow Blowing

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Snow Shoveling 

Salt Treatment, Prevent Ice


Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing In Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa 

For snow plowing services near and around Bettendorf and the Quad Cities area, hire Superior Services. We offer commercial and residential snow plowing services to businesses and homeowners alike.


Keep reading to learn more about our commercial and residential snow removal services near you. 

Commercial Snow Plowing In Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa 

When you're trying to run a business, you don't want to worry about who's going to plow your business's parking lot. Superior Services provides snow removal services for businesses with customer parking and apartment buildings with tenant parking.


If you've been looking for a snow removal company for your commercial lot in Bettendorf or Davenport, allow Superior Services Snow Removal Division to clear your parking lot from snow and ice this winter season. 

Residential Snow Plowing in Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa

Your routine doesn't need to be interrupted because of snow. Superior Services provides safe and reliable residential snow plowing services for homeowners in Bettendorf, Iowa, and Davenport, Iowa. 

Additionally, we are equally experienced in assisting customers who live in other parts of the Quad Cities, like East Moline or Silvis with residential snow removal and snow plowing services.

Each residential snow removal job is different, but typically, for most residential homes our crews will clear the snow off the driveway and neatly stack the snow to the side, away from cars and neighboring traffic. 

Our Superior Services snow removal division is confident that you'll be satisfied with our commercial and residential snow plowing services. 

Snow Blowing and Snow Shoveling 

We're Bettendorf's snow removal experts and we're the best at snow blowing and snow shoveling. Whether it's your walkway, sidewalk or steps our crew will clear your space of unwanted snow and slush buildup with our superior snow blowing and snow shoveling services. 

If you have a special snow blowing or snow shoveling request, just ask us. We're here to handle the snow this season so you don't have to. 

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Salt Treatment and Ice Prevention 

Did you know that ice can be hiding underneath of the top layers of snow on your driveway or parking lot? It's true. So once the snow is gone, it's critical that salt or some other treatment is put down to prevent ice from forming again. 


When you contract with Superior Services for ice prevention and removal, we add generous amounts of deicing product so that you don't have to worry about slipping or falling on the way out of your house ever again. 


Our salt treatment and ice removal plans are also great for commercial property owners who have multiple tenants living in their buildings. 

Call today to set up an account with us so that you never have to shovel, snow blow or deal with hazardous ice again. 

We Serve The Following Areas For Snow Plowing and Ice Removal: 

  • Bettendorf, Iowa

  • Davenport, Iowa 

  • Pleasant Valley, Iowa 

  • Riverdale, Iowa 

  • LeClaire, Iowa

  • Silvis, Illinois 

  • East Moline, Illinois  

  • Carbon Cliff, Illinois 

  • Moline, Illinois 

  • Hampton, Illinois 

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Pleased to be at your service. Here's a list of the main services we provide. However, if you are a current customer, we will provide other services if requested. 

  • Exterior and interior renovations 

  • Lawn care

  • Snow removal services

  • Commercial janitorial services

  • Tree trimming and removal services

  • Additional services upon request 

Request Service

Superior Services

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Superior Services

Address- We'll Come To You!
Bettendorf, Iowa 52722
Davenport, Iowa 52804 
Moline, Illinois 61265 
East Moline, Illinois 61244 


Hours Of Operation

Monday- 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday- 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday- 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday- 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday- 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Saturday- 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 
Sunday- Closed 

Hours may vary based on time of year and based upon project request. Call for details. 


Licensed l Bonded l Insured
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